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Flexible learning hours enable individuals to balance busy schedules, pursue interests, and achieve goals.

Guru Shishya Curriculum

The Academy's Teaching Methodology is Rooted in Using Natural Ingredients – The Oldest Approach.

Best Traditional Art Course

Enhance your Painting Skills with Comprehensive Course Content and Expert Feedback

Raja Kochi , Co-Founder

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear.”― Tao Te Ching
This Proverb is true to its essense, it encapsulates the profound journey of learning and self-discovery. It speaks to the readiness and receptivity of the student and the transient role of the teacher. When the student is open and prepared, guidance emerges naturally, symbolized by the appearance of the teacher.

Academy Teaches Authentic form of Traditional art…

We at Academy teach only the Traditional methods of painting, using natural colors and natural ingredients. In the Olden, days painting was done on walls in the temples, which is called fresco secco. We teach the same technique to all our learners.
Kings wanted to bring in the temple to the Palace, so they started making false walls called Pazhagai Oviyum. Thus Tanjore Art was born.

The traditional method is time-consuming and a lot of preparatory work is required before the start of the painting. Academy has designed a special material kit for the learners, which provides all the materials which are ready for process and usage.

Academy has been teaching Online classes since 2011. We are the first academy to teach traditional art Online to students across the world.
Academy teaches the learner to prepare and preserve the natural ingredients for the making of the painting.

We at the academy believe art needs time and a Guru to handhold the learner through complete processes and work till completion.

Voice of Learners

Ms.Purnima Nagarajan - California - USA

Overall experience is good. Thanks for making and guiding me through online classes. The online term is easy and difficult in some places. I can take up the work anytime to my availability. The online portal is really good to work. I faced some difficulty in uploading the picture initially. Later I didn't face any. I enjoyed doing jesso and stone. The picture with white and stonework was entirely different from the final. I enjoyed it overall. When taking up this work I had a 6month baby with me. As a new mom challenge, I accomplished this work to get out of stress. Thanks to you Mam, my husband, and my baby who helped me a lot to fulfill my dream on learning Tanjore painting.

Ms.Pratibha Thumati - Chantilly - USA

I throughly enjoyed the online class. Each and every module is very detail oriented with excellent high definition videos tutoring. In my busy schedule it was very easy for me to revisit previous steps by looking at these videos to correct different mistakes if needed, complet the work without any difficulties. Swarna mam correction was helping me a lot as usual. Sitting in US, Swarna mam's learning management system helped me to accomplish this beautiful venkateshwara. I also enjoyed doing gold work in this art and natural painting work. Thanks to swarna mam and academy

Ms.Preethi Rajeev - Bangalore - India

l loved it ! The class was very detailed and the videos were very clear, precise, systematic and elaborate. This is my first Tanjore painting and I never felt that I missed a physical teacher at any point. As a learner I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Cone work & Gold work was something new to learn. Using natural colours was the most interesting part of painting. totally enjoyed the class and hope to do Kerala Mural Painting next. Thank you very much Swarna Mam"

Akila Nagamani - California - USA

The overall course was well designed. Every little detail and step was broken down and clearly explained. The feedback mechanism was quick. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and super happy with the final painting. Thank you :) Videos and tutorials had everything explained in detail. Preparing ingredients from scratch, cooking them and getting the perfect consistency makes you realise how much work and effort goes into these paintings. Super proud having done one myself. I was sharing pictures from every stage with my close circle. People are getting inspired to try one themselves after seeing the beautiful outcome. It is so good to see that someone with not much artwork experience like me is able to do so much with just patience. The beauty of Tanjore painting motivated me to stay on track throughout the course. Thank you so much for launching such an amazing course!!

Deepthi Ramesh - Jersey city - USA

"Incredible & Amazing experience " with a precise and detailed oriented modules along with a flexible schedule. Swarna mam is such a passionate artist and a tutor. Her in-depth knowledge towards detailing and fragmented tutoring made the course interesting and simple. Initially was hesitant if I could pull off the facial expressions with painting techniques using natural colors her detailed inputs made it & simple. This traditional art form is so intricate like Jesso work, stone work, cone work,gold work & painting with natural colors every step elevated the look of painting totally enjoyed and admired the art. My family was so happy with the outcome. This course makes you "believe in yourself". Thanks a lot swarna mam feel really confident and satisfied on completion of this course from your academy.

Manjula Shenoy - Brisbane - australia

It was an amazing experience learning Tanjore painting under the guidance of Swarna madam. I was initially quite sceptical about doing such an intense work through online modules but it was a very smooth learning process. The website was easy to use with modules and steps one after the other in a methodical manner. At no point in time did I miss a physical teacher as every minute detail was there in the pictures and videos, also swarna ji was always there to guide through dashboard if any queries or corrections needed. I thoroughly enjoyed the conework, stonework and gold work. Working with Natural colours and natural ingredients was exciting as it was new for me. Best moments: when my family members started appreciating each step that I did and were happy to see the final outcome. Thank you Swarna Madam for patiently helping me to finish the painting.

Anupama Prasad – stamford - USA

I initially had some concerns if this is an art form that can be learnt online without any supervision but i was pleasantly surprised to note that it was possible! Tanjore is a more complicated art form but the learning modules are very well designed and structured and made it possible to complete. Jesso, cone and gold work does require good practice but Swarna led me through the process in her diligent manner. I am pleased with the overall product and have already signed up to start on the next Tanjore art

Ishwarya S - Chennai - India

First of all I want to thank for this wonderful opportunity .This is really great thinking to open the gate for Learner's from all over the world. website is very easy to access,I didn't feel any difficulty I enjoyed a lot in overall painting work. After opening the eyes for swami , I was speechless, there is no words to express my feelings.Tanjore painting is my dream, finally I achieved that from the right platform. I realized how I am blessed to have such a husband, daughter and father in law, they are really very supportive

Nandini nanda – Bangalore - India

It was a very interesting journey of learning Tanjore painting online. Online learning was very comprehensive, systematic and elaborate. As a learner I thoroughly enjoyed this process. I never missed a physical teacher, since we could reach out to you anytime. Cone work and gold work is new and a good learning. Using natural colours for painting was the most enjoyable part of this painting. I couldn't have found a better teacher to teach me my first Tanjore painting. Thank you very much