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Tanjore Painting - Level 1

* Certified Course * Select one of the 9 choice of Pictures * Materials will reach your Door-step

Tanjore Painting Level 2

* Certified Course * Select one of 2 choice of Picture * Materials will reach your Door-step

Convenient Timings

Choose your own timings and learn from anywhere in the world.

Guru Shishya Curriculum

One of best curriculum for Traditional Online painting Courses

Best Traditional Art Course

One stop Platform to learn all Traditional art / painting in Natural colour and Ingredients.

Kerala Mural - Level 1

Certified Course * Select one of the 3 choice of Pictures * Materials will reach your Door Step

Kerala Mural - Level 2

* Certified Course * Select one of the 2 choice of Picture * Materials will reach your Door-step

About - Academy of Traditional Art

  • Technology-based Traditional Art Classes.‘One stop Platform to learn All Traditional Art through online classes’ in its original essence.
  • Art learners can learn at their own convenient Time, Day, and Place.
  • We provide Material Kit along with guidance.
  •  The idea that was Selected among Top 100 by IIM Bangalore NSRCEL.
  • The idea is incubated at IIM Bangalore is supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Goldman Sachs.
Today there are very few people who teach traditional art in their original form.  Lots of traditional art are dying. At Academy of Traditional Art, we want to Preserve, Conserve, and Propagate all Traditional Art.

Voice of Learners

Ms.Purnima Nagarajan - California - USA

Overall experience is good. Thanks for making and guiding me through online classes. The online term is easy and difficult in some places. I can take up the work anytime to my availability. The online portal is really good to work. I faced some difficulty in uploading the picture initially. Later I didn't face any. I enjoyed doing jesso and stone. The picture with white and stonework was entirely different from the final. I enjoyed it overall. When taking up this work I had a 6month baby with me. As a new mom challenge, I accomplished this work to get out of stress. Thanks to you Mam, my husband, and my baby who helped me a lot to fulfill my dream on learning Tanjore painting.

Ms.Pratibha Thumati - Chantilly - USA

I throughly enjoyed the online class. Each and every module is very detail oriented with excellent high definition videos tutoring. In my busy schedule it was very easy for me to revisit previous steps by looking at these videos to correct different mistakes if needed, complet the work without any difficulties. Swarna mam correction was helping me a lot as usual. Sitting in US, Swarna mam's learning management system helped me to accomplish this beautiful venkateshwara. I also enjoyed doing gold work in this art and natural painting work. Thanks to swarna mam and academy

Ms.Preethi Rajeev - Bangalore - India

l loved it ! The class was very detailed and the videos were very clear, precise, systematic and elaborate. This is my first Tanjore painting and I never felt that I missed a physical teacher at any point. As a learner I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Cone work & Gold work was something new to learn. Using natural colours was the most interesting part of painting. totally enjoyed the class and hope to do Kerala Mural Painting next. Thank you very much Swarna Mam"