Academy Teaches Authentic form of Traditional art…

We at Academy teach only the Traditional methods in painting, using natural colors and natural ingredients. Olden days the painting was done on walls and temples, which is called fresco secco. We teach the same technique to all our learners.

The traditional method is time-consuming and a lot of preparatory work is required before the start of the painting. Academy has designed a special material kit for the learners, which provides all the materials which are ready for process and usage.

Academy teaches the learner to prepare and preserve the natural ingredients for making of the painting.

We at the academy believe art needs time and a Guru to handhold the learner through complete processes and work till completion.

Traditional Method of Painting

Traditional Methods which the academy teaches are from in-depth research of the art and extensive trail of natural materials to get the exact recipe which was used to make the traditional painting.

All the resin and other ingredients are got from the direct source. This ensures the fine quality of the natural ingredients and authentic material given to all our learners.

Academy has a team of Fine craftsmen to make the gold foil making sure it’s of highest quality. The decorative stones we use are Swarovski crystals which do not lose the shine ever.

Our painting is made on fresco secco canvas, with natural colors. These colors mature as it ages through time. These paintings can be given as heirloom if carefully protected from natural elements.

Academy is the only place to learn Traditional painting in its actual Essenes.

Learn the Authentic Traditional Style only

Today painting is taught Modern method using materials like synthetic resin such as Fevicol, Poster colours / Acrylic colours which is also synthetic. These are not traditional painting.

All the materials are available off the shelves like Canvas and other jesso material, which is done with synthetic resin. For decorative they use plastic stones and Chinese gold foil. This is not the way Traditional painting to be learnt.

The modern technique of painting colours fades away and all synthetic materials will peel off after a few years. All the detailing work are done with a pen.

Why waste money and time? Make sure you learn it the right way for the first time.